Chemco Limited Lifetime Warranty


Thanks to CHEMCO's Fire Limited Lifetime Warranty, Fire-treated cedar is more attractive than ever. It is one of the most comprehensive in the industry, as it is free and transferable.

So ask your roofer about installing a roof with Fire-treated cedar shakes and shingles, from CHEMCO.


This Limited Warranty (the "warranty") covers wood shakes and shingles ("warranted product") for roofing purposes which have been certified by CHEMCO, Inc. ("CHEMCO"), as having been treated for fire retardation. The warranty is extended to the original home/building to which warranted product is applied and is sold by the original owner, the warranty may be transferred to the new owner (the "new owner"). Under no circumstances may the warranty be transferred to any other person or entity.


Subject to the limitations and exclusions set forth below, CHEMCO warrants to the original owner or new owner that the warranted product, as evidenced by a certification label placed thereon, will meet the fire retardation standards as set forth in Uniform Building Code Standard No. 32-7, Fire Retardancy of Roof-Covering materials (the "standard"), for its useful life.


If a warranted product fails to meet the standard, then CHEMCO, upon receiving a bona fide warranty claim, will, subject to the limitations and exclusions set forth below, furnish and install replacement warranted product. This remedy is the exclusive remedy available under this warranty.


This warranty shall not be effective unless each and every bundle of warranted product applied to the roof or exterior wall carries a CHEMCO label. This warranty does not cover:

1) Improper Installation. Warranted product's failure due to improper installation or application not in accordance with the specifications of the Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau's New Roof Construction Manual or Exterior & Interior Wall Manual;

2) Tear-Off and Other Costs. Tear-off (warranted product removal) costs, or the costs of installing, repairing or replacing, venting, metal work, flashings, underlayments, fasteners or other related materials;

3) Unapproved Use. Warranted product that is used for any purpose other than roofing or exterior wall siding;

4) Extended Risks. Warranted product's failure due to hurricane, tornado, hail, lightning, flood, explosion, mudslide, earthquake, volcanic eruption, falling objects, aircraft, vehicles, accidents, riots, civil commotion, war or acts of God;

5) Improper Maintenance. Warranted product's failure due to buildup of moss, leaves, needles, branches or other debris, power washing and application of oils or other foreign substances and lubricants;

6) Paints or Coatings. Warranted product's failure or damage caused by paints, coatings or other solutions; or

7) Modifications. Warranted product's failure due to repairs or alterations made to the roof or walls after their original installation.



This warranty is effective upon proper warranty registration with CHEMCO and the issuance of a warranty acknowledgment by CHEMCO to the original owner or new owner. To register a warranty, the original owner must submit a completed warranty registration form to CHEMCO within thirty (30) days after installation of the warranted product. Upon receipt of the complete warranty registration form, together with all materials required from the installer, CHEMCO will issue a warranty acknowledgment card to the original owner. To transfer the warranty to a new owner, the original owner must request a warranty transfer form by writing CHEMCO, Incorporated, P.O. Box 875, Ferndale, Washington 98248 within thirty (30) days following the sale of home/building to which warranted product is applied. Upon receipt of completed warranty transfer form, CHEMCO will issue a warranty acknowledgment card to the new owner.


To make a claim under this warranty, the original owner must, within thirty (30) days after discovery of alleged defect to which the claim relates, send a written description of the claim along with copies of the warranty registration form and warranty acknowledgment card to:


CHEMCO reserves the right to have a representative inspect all warranted products that are claimed to be defective under the terms of this warranty. Any alteration, removal, or repair of material claimed to be defective prior to settlement of the claim shall bar any right to seek relief under this warranty.


This document contains the entire warranty and may not be altered by any wholesaler, dealer, installer, contractor, representative, or manufacturer. Of course, any wholesaler, dealer, installer, contractor, representative, or manufacturer is free to offer its own independent warranty.

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