Cedar Siding Applications


Cedar siding adds distinctive character to any home or structure. Cedar siding enhances structural integrity, durability, and when treated with Thermex-FR, is proven fire retardant. SaferWood has been treating cedar shingles for sidewall applications for more than two decades, and now we've joined forces with our siding partners to develop the market for SaferWood branded exterior siding in North America. These products have passed the most stringent fire retardant tests mandated by building codes. SaferWood wood shingles have passed the UBC 10-year Natural Weathering Test based on the Underwriter's Laboratory UL-790.


SaferWood Western Red Cedar siding has also passed stringent Japanese burn tests called Standard of Construction 2.8. This is an endurance test designed to determine whether treated siding can still hold its fire-retardant qualities under extreme, real-life conditions. SaferWood has partnered with Channel Original to distribute fire retardant Western Red Cedar siding in Japan.

In the U.S., CHEMCO-treated cedar siding meets or exceeds most model building codes and is approved for military procurement.

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