Cedar siding adds distinctive character to any home or structure. Cedar siding enhances structural integrity, durability, and when treated by SaferWood, is proven to be fire resistant.

These products have passed the most stringent fire retardant tests mandated by building codes. SaferWood siding has passed ASTM's E-84 and D2898 and is ICC compliant. This same fire retardant treatment is also available in cedar shingle sidewall applications


SaferWood is available in almost any siding pattern desired to bring a unique look to your home. Available in Beveled (rabbeted [A] and plain [B]), Channel [C], Tongue & Groove (square [D] or V-edge [E]), Board & Batten [F], as well as Finger Jointed [G]




Shingle Siding

The popularity of cedar sidewall shingle siding continues to grow, even in high wildfire hazard areas, now that it's available with the SaferWood treatment. Using shingles in a siding application can create a unique and distinctive look for a structure by applying the shingles in a variety of patterns. For more information on using a shingle siding solution contact Shakertown or Cedar Valley for full details. Fire retardant sidewall shingles can be obtained either as a
panelized assembly or for manual application, and are suitable for applications requiring 1-hour wall ratings.

Exterior plywood wall sheathing: (Douglas Fir) Use SaferWood plywood to reduce its fuel value and provide added fire resistance to the exterior wall cavity.

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