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If new fire codes are compromising your vision, look to SaferWood

For those with discerning tastes, nothing matches the natural beauty of wood. That’s why SaferWood treated with Thermex-FR is produced from the finest Western Red Cedar and Douglas Fir in North America. And since there is no discernible difference in the appearance of treated and untreated wood, our finished products are just as beautiful as the natural wood.


With their precise finish and superior natural durability, Western Red Cedar and Douglas Fir building components provide a range of options. When it comes to insulating a home, no other roofing material outperforms shakes and shingles made from Western Red Cedar. Their natural characteristics help keep homes cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. This fine wood has also proven its safety when it comes to hazards such as earthquakes, high winds, and pounding hail.

The appearance and durability of shakes is determined by the way they are cut and trimmed. Edge-grain shakes are the best—far more resistant to cupping, curling, and cracking than flat-grain cuts. The butt ends of heavy shakes measure from 3/4 to 7/8 of an inch. SaferWood roofing consists solely of premium-grade, heavy shakes made of Western Red Cedar. There is no higher grade available.

All SaferWood products resist the spread of fire, helping to protect both your home and your family. To ensure the durability of the treatment exterior, fire resistant wood products must all undergo accelerated weathering tests. The effectiveness of SaferWood is proven by independent laboratory and quality-control testing, and verified by real-world stories in which SaferWood was subjected to intense heat and flame.

The environmental impact of using wood should be measured against the cost of using alternatives. We diminish the Earth’s ability to sustain us every time we use products made from nonrenewable resources. Wood products, by contrast, are made from a resource that can be planted, harvested, and replanted. Greenpeace Cofounder Patrick Moore has been critical of environmentalists who refuse to accept wood as a renewable and environmentally-friendly building material.

We treat our wood products with a safe and nontoxic formula that makes them resistant to fire for the useful life of the product. We maintain environmentally safe energy and water usage levels throughout the treatment process, and all chemicals used in the process are recycled.

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