Potlatch Inland Red Cedar - Radec


For centuries, Inland Red Cedar has been used in construction throughout the United Sates by people with discerning tastes. Its enduring beauty, durability and natural resistance to decay and moisture make it one of nature's best building materials. Potlatch is committed to supplying customers with consistent quality products. Their state-of-the-art sawmills at St. Maries and Lewiston, Idaho, specialize in cedar products.

As more and more construction is occuring in areas threatened by wildfires, communities have begun to implement new building codes and practices designed to better protect homes from this increasing threat. It is with this in mind that Potlatch has partnered with SaferWood to produce RADEC and Cedar Siding products with fire resistant qualities.

Contact Alan Gaylord at Potlatch at (208) 799-1833 and ask for SaferWood brand, Radec decking & siding.

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