About SaferWood


We're making the world's sustainable wood building materials better

The computer-controlled wood treating production process that is used to make SaferWood is one of the most accurate and efficient in the country. SaferWood uses a vacuum-pressure impregnation process to remove moisture and air from the wood cells and replace it with Thermex-FR, a safe and environmentally friendly fire resistant treatment. SaferWood is then thermally cured in a kiln, to lock the fire retardant into the wood cells.


Our vision is to deliver peace of mind. This objective motivates every facet of our company – from research and development to marketing – and directs our roadmap for future products.

Our two decades of experience in refining the world's finest exterior fire resistant treatment for wood products is distinguished by extensive testing and proven by real-world experience. SaferWood cedar shakes and shingles, for instance, have passed the 10-year Natural Weathering test and are legal for use in California. Before application, always check first with your local jurisdiction officials regarding local regulations. SaferWood lumber, plywood, and siding are also tested extensively and satisfy model building codes.

Each new product increases fire protection for home and commercial property owners without sacrificing the beauty and durability of natural wood. This enables architects and builders to craft exceptional natural wood structures, while ensuring their customers' peace of mind

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